"I am good at my work!" - Mohammad at Pizza Corner

"My name is Mohammad and I am 24 years old.  I work at Pizza Corner everyday from 9 am - 1 pm.  I am responsible for making sure the place is ready for customers; I prepare tables by putting tablecloths on them.  When I finish that I go into the kitchen to see if the guys there need help.  Next month I will move to the branch in Abu Nsair, because it is closer to my home."


"Going to work is much better than sitting at home.  This way I work and have fun and i get a salary at the end of the month.  Maybe I will buy a new pair of shoes with my salary ... and then save the rest."


"Before I started working, i finished a course in ICDL and took a certificate.  I love the computer a lot and we have a laptop at home.  I can work on Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  I am good: good at computers and good at work."


"My dad and I are good friends.  We go out and hangout together.  On Fridays, we go with my brothers to the mosque.  When I hear the Quran, I feel calm.  I put a recording of the Quran on my mobile.  I have many fun applications on my mobile, but I use whatsapp the most to talk to my friends as well as Tango and Snapchat. I don't like instagrm much."


One of Mohammed's colleagues says:

"When they first told us that a person with special needs joined our team, I did not know what to expect because I had never before dealt with someone like that before.  Today, this barrier of fear between me and Mohammed is broken ... Muhammad does a great job at work and we get along.  Not only that; Mohammad is really good at computers and speaks good English - while I dont know a single word in English!  But Mohammad, mashallah, he's really good; if I ever get an English speaking customer, I call him to translate for me."