Our employees are the key drivers of our work!


Rawan AlMufleh is our Parent Support Group Program Manager.  She is your reference to anything related to Sana as she is our earliest employee.  Rawan's passion is to work with our beneficiaries in the field with our parents and since she knows them the best, she also acts as our Scholarship Program liaison.


Alia Juma is our Work program Manager.  She is a certified job coach trainer and leads our team of four job coaches in placing our applicant employees with disabilities into jobs in the market.  Alia is skilled at identifying opportunities for work within your organisation that we can train persons with disabilities on.


Our job coaches Nehaya AtiyyatMohammad Al-Karmi, Ahmad Zaghal, and Sameh Al- Ghareeb are the pistols of our work program.  They work hands on with our employees with disability to teach them skills on the job.  They also facilitate relationships with co-workers and help them learn the etiquette of dealing with their new colleagues with disability.


Meet our employees!