Building Awareness

If you ask any parent of a child with disability his one wish for his child, they would say that they would want a more accepting and welcoming society.  Acceptance remains the key hurdle in the lives of children with disability.  Sana works on raising awareness about inclusion and acceptance through small projects that vary from year to the next to highlight the importance of an inclusive society.  Here are some of those projects

Teaching Kids about Disability

A group of mothers from our support groups realised that in order to change how society sees persons with disability, we had to start working on children.  A project was designed to select a few schools at which a story book about disability was read to children, followed by some activity to teach them about inclusion.  The target group was kids aged 6-8.  Sana collaborated with an organisation called "We Love to Read" the basic skills on how to read out loud; we reviewed about 20 books about disability for children to select the most interesting and comprehensive storybook.  We then designed some followup activities to really drill in the idea.  We managed to do this at 10 schools who all welcomed the idea and in some schools asked us to address a larger age group.

Ramadan Traffic Light Campaign

During Ramadan 2018, Sana organised a campaign for young adults with disabilities accompanied by volunteers to distribute water and dates at a traffic light junction close to the University of Jordan at the time of breaking fast.  The objective of the campaign was to show that persons with intellectual disability are a part of society, they can do good and volunteer as any other member of society and they do so hand in hand with typical peers.  Once done with their work, they break fast together with their colleagues.  Our volunteers all felt proud of giving during the holy month.  The tag line for the campaign?  I am a person like  you, what distinguishes me is my disability - but my community is better with your inclusion of me.