Scholarship application

To be eligible to apply for a scholarship on behalf of your child, the following guidelines must apply:

  • One of the parents must have attended at least 90% of a parent support group of their choosing.
  • The child must be between 2 - 15 years
  • Priority is given to:
    • Younger applicants
    • Single parent families
    • Applicants who have limited income households
    • Both parents are working parents are priority (we don’t support able non-working parents)

You can download the scholarship application here.

The following documents must be submitted with the application.

  • Photocopy of Family Book
  • Photocopy of rental contract (if house is rented)
  • Certified bank statement showing salary deposit for every member residing in the household
  • Statement of bank loans (if taken) and salary letter
  • Certified letter from the Social Security  Department showing status of parents (either as beneficiaries of social security payments or not)
  • Certificate from Department of Land & Property showing land ownership