Malak is working at the Landmark!


Malak is a 23 young lady who was raised in Kuwait and just moved back to Jordan a few years ago.  While in Kuwait, her parents pushed for her to be integrated into a regular school with a shadow teacher.  After finishing with school, her parents were worried about how to keep Malak occupied during her days.  Her mother searched online for opportunities and got in touch with Sana to find a job opportunity for her.  Her upbringing, education and training were the right mix to allow her to be responsible and committed.  The Landmark Hotel gave Malak the opportunity she needed.  Today Malak is a waitress at the main restaurant.  She is one of the few cases where a person with intellectual disability is dealing with customers.  Malak is so proud of herslf and is very thankful to her parents for raising her into a confident woman.