Create Opportunities

Every year Sana tries to create new ways to make the lives of the families we support brighter.  We traditionally hold two annual picnics that bring all our families together in one big location so they can share experiences and entertain their kids in a friendly atmosphere.You can help us bring a smile to their faces - here are a few ideas - but we know you can come up with more!

Provide Food & Drinks

Hosting our annual events is a costly affair, but thanks to generous benefactors we have been lucky to receive food and drink items to serve our guests.  These benefactors include: Gerard, George & Samy Khoury, Duncan Donuts and many more!  If you want to contribute to our events contact us!

Providing a venue

Managing an event for over 400 individuals is an awesome task - but we have succeeded at it!  The bigger struggle is to find a location to host these events - especially indoors!  We have again had generous supporters hosting us including:  Challenger Village, The Amman Baccalaureate school, The International Academy Amman, The Children's Museum, and Haya Cultural Center.   Would you like to host us?

Be Creative!

We can always be creative with our requests but we bet you can be more!  We have had our benefactors provide: buses for shuttling guests at our annual picnics; computers donated to centers where we have kids under scholarship; footballs for kids to play with, ...and many more ideas?  Have you thought of something we have not thought of yet?